Terry Gorka Music is collaboration between Terry Gorka, Armand Tambouris and Ken Stange. The company was birthed in 2014 out of Terry’s previous music production company, Three Chord Rope. Each person brings unique talents to the group. Their individual accomplishments and skills are listed in their biographies (below).

In addition to Terry, Armand and Ken, there are a wide variety of vocalists, instrumentalists, songwriters and composers who partner with TGM on projects. Their support and abilities help generate original creative music production in a diverse range of genres, including orchestral, rock, blues, country, pop, ambient, singer-songwriter, jazz and holiday music.

Within each of these genres, TGM develops more specific styles of music depending on the needs of the client. Terry Gorka Music is primarily a business-to-business music production company responding to the ever-evolving requests of the film and television industry through relationships with music libraries, publishers, producers, consultants, agents, record labels and artists.

Through their brands – the Fast Boys, Epicurus, the Fast Girls, County Three and Three Chord Rope – TGM licenses their music and is continually creating new song and instrumental tracks in all the genres listed above.

Thanks for stopping by … please take a few minutes and give some of the tunes a spin! We hope you’ll enjoy yourself. Get in touch through our Contact page if anything comes up.

Terry Gorka

Songwriter / Producer / Guitarist / Composer / Vocalist

Terry saw and heard The Beatles in 1964 on the Ed Sullivan show and told his parents he was finished with the classical piano lessons and wanted to play guitar. That was a long time ago …

Since then he has had a long road through the music business that began in junior high and high school in Southern California with cover bands playing songs by The Doors, The Who, Jimi Hendrix and  Buffalo Springfield to name a few.  He began writing his own music in 1966 and was offered his first recording contract that same year. Read More

Ken Stange

Songwriter / Composer / Keyboard Player / Arranger / Orchestrator

Ken toured as musical director and keyboard player for Joe Cocker, Roger Miller and Jose Feliciano from 1985 to 2000. He worked as composer and sound designer for Warren Dewey Sound Design composing music and editing sound effects for national commercials, cartoons, and movies. Read More

Armand John Anthony

Guitarist / Drummer / Bassist / Engineer / Producer

Armand is all about his classic rock … Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, ZZ Top and Guns ‘n’ Roses are a few names that come to mine but there are a lot of others as well. He’s a working guitarist with several bands doing both original songs and covers. He also owns the Captain’s Quarters Recording Studio in Ventura, California where he engineers, produces and often plays guitar, drums, bass and/or keys on a variety of projects, including Aaron Orbit, Gypsyhawk,  the late Jackie Lomax, Danielle Taylor, New Liberty and many more. The studio has been operating full time for the past five years. Read More